Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP)

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Support your employees future.

Your employees are dedicated to making your business better. Support their future with a simplified employee pension plan (SEP), an easy way to contribute directly to an employee’s retirement savings. Offering a SEP can be a big recruiting draw, helping your company bring in top-tier talent.

Only employers can make contributions to a SEP. If you’re self-employed, you can benefit from setting up a SEP IRA to save for your own retirement.

A major advantage of the SEP IRA versus other IRAs is the higher contribution limit per year—up to 25% of an employee’s pay.

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We’re here for you and your employees.

In person, we’ll set up the accounts, do any necessary training with your HR staff, and provide educational materials. We’ll talk to employees about their plans, how they work, and they’ll gain a greater understanding of how much you, as an employer, contribute to their retirement plan.

At regular meetings, whenever you choose, we can inform new employees about the plan and make sure everyone learns about changes or updates.

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