Positive Pay

Catch fraud before it happens with Positive Pay.

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool designed to help you feel secure about the money coming out of your accounts.

There are two options available. Choose one or both to best fit your needs:

  • Write a lot of checks? Check Positive Pay compares each check presented for payment against your issued check file. You can view images of checks before deciding which to pay or return.
  • Prefer electronic transactions? ACH Debit Block helps guard against unauthorized electronic transactions. You define ACH authorization rules for your accounts, then any transactions that do not meet your parameters are presented for your approval.

Whether your business has experienced losses due to fraud or you simply have a lot of transactions moving out of your accounts, Positive Pay is a valuable solution that brings added layers of protection and peace of mind.

Looking for something different? Reverse Positive Pay lets you use your own tools to monitor and review checks.

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