ACH Services

Any smart business person can appreciate simple, since it's as good as cash in the coffers.

Simplify administrative tasks with ACH services, saving time, thus saving money. Make, collect, and process payments without ever leaving your office. Not only is transferring money very secure, it increases efficiency between yourself and your business partners.

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ACH Services:

  • Make vendor payments and deposits electronically around-the-clock
  • Make tax payments
  • Concentrate funds between different banks
  • Process direct deposit payroll files with our web-based service or transmit them directly from your accounting software
  • Automatically collect drafts of other customer payments with our customized recurring payments
  • Move funds easily via our Electronic Funds Transfer / Electronic Data Interchange and receive daily reports by email
  • Saves time and money in accounting
  • Eliminates waste and expense of paper checks

Additional terms and conditions or fees may apply to the product described. Please contact us or visit one of our branches for full account details. Subject to approval.