About Us

Our mission, vision, core values and partnership with Park National Bank

It's the little things that make a bank more than just a bank.

Our Mission

We are the local bank handcrafting meaningful experiences to improve the financial health of our community in the Carolinas.

Our Vision

We strive to enhance our community in the Carolinas by being the local bank for pursuing dreams, enabling job growth, and molding financial health. Our vision is to create a handcrafted solution for your financial journey.

Our Core Values

Grounded with authentic relationships.
Every relationship starts with a conversation. Through each discussion we take a handcrafted approach to understanding your desired needs. Our foundation is to have authentic relationships - that connection is what keeps us grounded.

Banking with passion.
We are passionate about our community, clients, and teammates. We are enthusiastic and driven to empower others to reach their full potential. For that reason we are determined to create memorable banking experiences.

Committed with the community.
Our pledge is to be the financial resource for the local community. Our neighbors influence our daily decisions and fuel our passion for giving back. They are the reason behind our commitment and inspiration for banking.

Determined with creativity.
As a bank we use a hands-on approach to fulfill financial needs creatively. We are determined to find the best approach for all interactions. Creating the extraordinary and tailoring new approaches.

Crafted with expertise.
As experts in our field, we are trained to be craftsman. Equipped with the skills and attention to detail to innovate and be the financial solution.

We are part of the Park National Family of Community Banks

Each banking division is led by local professionals committed to providing extraordinary service, community support, and excellent financial performance. The banks collaborate to provide a unique service experience for clients of any Park National banking division. By sharing operational and administrative resources, each community bank remains competitive with sophisticated technology and service capabilities – while keeping a steadfast focus on personalized service and community involvement.